Your internship at McArnolds


You're looking for an internship as part of your academic or professional development?
Or is it just for personal motives?

An internship at McArnolds is a unique opportunity to dive into a working environment.
For some, it's a first professional experience. We believe it is crucial to give this chance and we think our exchanges may only end up being an mutually enriching experience.

It seems indispensable to first define the framework and objectives of the internship. In order to make sure that our mutual needs are met and that our projects will help yours. We believe an internship is first and foremost an exchange. We're looking for quality more than quantity because we care about our interns.


We receive many intership applications and we cannot give a positive answer to all of them. We’re asking you to only send yours through the form provided for the purpose.


Motivation, an open mind, the will to learn and to work as a team.

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They’re talented and they worked for us.
Let’s make their acquaintance.

Mathieu Cloquet


Valentin Cheval


Leila Riviere



Mathieu Cloquet



I immediately liked McArnolds’ atmosphere. The workplace is convivial and the team members are all nice, dynamic and qualified. They helped me a lot with the different projects I took a part in. They inspired me and I had lots of freedom in what I created. At McArnolds, there’s a real passion for work that’s being passed on.


Mathieu did a 3 months internship with us in our web department. We were seduced by his résumé and past experiences. We’re delighted we could have him in our team. He worked on a number of projects and his help was precious – both in terms of design and integration. We particularly liked his will to learn, his persistence when facing challenges as well as his patience and calm.

Valentin Cheval


Leave with so much more

My internship at McArnolds allowed me to gain a different perspective, exchange ideas and styles, mix things up, give my honest opinion and bring my skills to the table – all that in a very good atmosphere where mutual respect prevailed. At the end of the day, I left with so much more than what I came in with.


Valentin left Tours, crossed borders and joined our team for a 5 weeks internship. As a student in graphic designer and multimedia, he worked in our print & web departments. He brilliantly put to use his knowledge in illustration, graphic creation and webdesign. His work and motivation were highly appreciated – as well as his French chauvinism ;)

Leila Riviere


“The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” Albert Einstein

If I were to choose a quote, it would be this one.

At McArnolds, exchanging and sharing is what prevails; the polyvalence of what you learn, the quality of the projects and the trust inside the team – all in a wonderful work environment. You’ll leave a richer person! To be able to put to test your skills while learning every day: it has no price.

From the start, I was trusted. I left not only with a technical background but richer of a human experience inside an agency. Ready and eager to push further! I did not feel like an intern, but like a true member of the team.

The opportunity that I was given remains, today, one of the best experiences I’ve ever lived. For all that, I shout THANK YOU to the McArnolds family.


Our French neighbours really took a liking to us. Leila, a design student, came all the way from Toulouse. Sparkling, smiling and dynamic. She adapted quickly to the agency’s environment and put her hands in whatever project our designers were working on. Logos, graphic charters, pictograms, wireframes, webdesigns: these are some of the fields where Leila proved her worth. We liked it so much!

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