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  • Preliminary Analysis & Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Tone of voice
  • Graphic System
  • Lifestyle
  • Packshot
  • 3D
  • Motion & Video
  • Search Engine Marketing: SEA & SEO
  • Custom UX/UI design
  • Custom Technical Development
  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Maintenance, Updates & Support
  • Digital Marketing & SEO

The sound of silence

At BLOX, they have only one thing in mind: to offer you a range of effective, ultra-high-quality and comfortable earplugs. As wide as the extent of your needs.

We have supported Blox in its new communication strategy through a complete overhaul of the graphic identity and website.

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Complete visual identity Complete graphic identity and logo.
Creation of packaging, 3D models, studio shooting & website.



We updated their logo by emphasizing the X in Experience. In this way, Blox will reach a younger audience looking to make each moment more intense and unique.

A dynamic & colorful identity

Blox Earplugs positions itself as the ideal partner when it comes to enjoying the present moment, which is what we wanted to convey in their identity and the supports on which we have developed it (stationery, website, shooting, ...).

Tailored featured stories

Eshop on Prestashop Development of a 100% custom online site combining performance and ergonomics, incorporating the codes of a strong visual identity


Redesigning the visual identity with the intention of creating a crazier & memorable experience