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  • Digital Strategy
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  • Increase Conversions and Online Sales (Growth Marketing)
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A new home

Trevi is a real estate agency that has been active in Brussels and the surrounding area for over 40 years, and strives to serve its customers better every day.

They contacted us to give their website a visual makeover and to do some advertising for their services.

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UI & UX Design
We have completely redesigned the way the website wor

Creation and optimization of Google Ads by Trevi Group & Partners for their services.



Relifting an existing website can be more complicated than expected. Recurring users shouldn't be lost on the new website, so it's a good idea to work in stages, testing the work done each time.

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ffg website ffg website

A responsive design

Creation of an online tool enabling users to estimate their property in just a few clicks. The path is clear and precise to optimize the user experience.

OP, the Owners' Office