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Ergonomics, webdesign, development

Action Damien - Website


For a world without leprosy and without tuberculosis!

  • Web design
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding
  • E-commerce

Action Damien is a medical development NGO which has participated since 1964 in the global fight against leprosy, tuberculosis and other diseases typically linked to poverty, such as leishmaniasis. Action Damien is a pluralist, independent and apolitical organization.

For Action Damien we have developed an eshop and an informative website. Additionally the past two years we have been running all their campaigns, both digital and print.

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The outcome of this site is in the image of Action Damien. It is a simple, understandable, clear and intelligible site. Easy to access, with the possibility to give everyone the means to get involved by making a purchase in the store or via a donation.


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Aperçu des pages du site web
  • 6 millions de personnes ont des sĂ©quelles mentales ou physiques Ă  cause de la lèpre

    6 million

    have mental or physical sequelae due to leprosy.

  • 10 millions de personnes dĂ©veloppent la tuberculose chaque annĂ©e

    10 million

    people develop tuberculosis every year

  • 2 diagnostics par minute de la leishmaniose

    2 persons

    diagnosed positive for leishmaniasis every minute

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