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Modern branding

E-tax-accounting firm, they help great entrepreneurs to create extraordinary businesses

For Lieutenant Guillaume our agency realized a rebranding combining modernity and sobriety, a simple and functional website as well as a photo shooting in order to bring quality content

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LOGOTYPE Two hands reach out, meet and unite to make room for the symbol of the rider; the original identity of Lieutenant William.


Visual identity

We wanted to modernize their initial identity which was illustrated by a horseman. A rider, a loyal and devoted character, who accompanies you along the way. In a more minimal way, we stylized the rider through two hands that meet.

A reassuring identity

Lieutenant Guillaume is positioned as a trusted partner, this is what we wanted to show in their identity and the media on which we have declined (stationnary; website, annual report, ...)


The union of the two hands testifies to the human and reassuring side that Lieutenant Guillaume maintains with his clients.

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